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Module 1: Yoga Therapy in Practice (300 Hours)


Module 1: Yoga Therapy in Practice introduces the basic skills needed for client intake, observation and assessment, as well as practical, effective tools for addressing specific aspects of the body, mind and spirit. This module uses an integrative approach to explore and define the difference between teaching yoga and the use of yoga as therapy.
Additionally, this course gives instructors a strong therapeutic foundation in order to address the needs of diverse student populations including: aging clients, athletes, and those with chronic illnesses.
Through lecture & discussion, hands-on workshops, and personal practice integration, you will learn:

  • Yoga philosophy as a model for the application of yoga therapy
  • Advanced Western and yogic anatomy
  • Principles of subtle anatomy, Ayurveda, and the nature of the mind
  • Skills and methods for interviewing and assessing clients
  • How to evaluate and support a client’s needs in the context of the yoga therapy
  • How to construct and deliver a yoga therapy session
  • Medical aspects of common diagnoses, treatments, contraindications and redflags
  • Therapeutic yoga techniques ranging from the gross to subtle
  • How to apply pranayama, meditation, and relaxation to affect your client’s physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • How to effectively communicate with students based on their learning style, in both individual and group settings
  • The science of behavior change and application of yoga techniques towards a client’s health and wellness goals
  • The foundational principles of nutrition