Yoga Renewal

One of the greatest gifts of yoga is the opportunity for a fresh start each day.

We meet ourselves where we are in the present moment. We collect information about how we are doing on every level as we move through a practice that allows us to connect with the innate intelligence that dwells within, expressing itself through our body and our breath. When this intimate practice is complete, like the experience of a song or dance that begins, flows and ebbs, turns and explores itself in all of its dynamics, comes full circle and finally arrives at completion, we find ourselves satisfied and soaking up our savasana.

We get to die a little death, empty ourselves completely of effort, and witness in relaxed awareness the soaking and saturating of life force throbbing and circulating throughout our being.

Having emptied and then become fulfilled, we pour the body into the fetal position, and pause. Having died a little death, we pause as a fetus again, and rise slowly, renewed and awakened.

Now we are more able to sit, to be aware, to greet life with a renewed perspective, having given ourselves the greatest gift of meeting ourselves again, where we are. Now we can observe the effects of our practice and compare our before and after picture. We note the effects in order to carry a gift with us, the gift of awareness- new tools we have discovered, which meet our deepest needs for self care. All because we cared enough to pause and to listen. Because we met ourselves, became enlivened from the perspective of the innate intelligence which animates our embodiment, the life force which animates it, and all of nature. We return again and again within the pause between each breath. We become moved and we move as one, the mover, and the moved. We move from the experience of being a living matrix of vibrating cells, the whole of the body community moving as one, in agreement, in harmony, as if being driven by the great natural intelligence. It feels like being a wave in the ocean, many water particles within us being moved as part of the larger wave. The defining lines between observed and the observer dissolve. No longer thinking but feeling and following wisdom in motion. All of these patterns, we know from a space of who we are, not what we do, Nothing new is learned, everything natural is remembered, awakened from within. Our own dear and intimate Wholeness, remembered. We become renewed. Again and again.

Once the inner skillfulness has been cultivated and refined, you will move with the embodied wisdom of your own structure, and your own relationship to the earth, gravity, lines of force, sequential flow, and more. You will have the ability to move within any practice, any form or style of yoga, dance, fitness or movement with strength and ease. You will gain the awareness necessary to avoid and prevent injury and strain, while discovering freedom, ease, strength, perspective, grace, and true alignment.

A perfect opportunity to start over, build from the foundation up, and become reborn to yourself and your yoga practice.

Beginners mindset is required.

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