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Shakti Power New Moon Gong Concert

By Vedya

The November new moon begins the lunar cycle of the Full Beaver Moon. Our Native Americans were not thinking of perhaps what you are thinking! Long ago this was the time to trap the beaver before the swamps froze to keep warm through the winter. Out here in Austin, Texas, we probably won’t be setting any traps to catch beavers, but we will be enjoying the cool nights and shorter days as we welcome in our beautiful fall season.


The New Moon phase of 0% illumination begins November 7, at 10:02 AM. This is a great time to start new projects and “turn over a new leaf,” which is easy now in Austin with the abundance of leaves falling in all directions. Now is the time to release habits and patterns that are not serving our greatest potential. This new moon cycle beckons us to venture through doors that have long been open, just waiting for us to walk through. Can we dare to dream, dare to allow our creative talents to flow and open to new vistas of possibility?

What tools can kickstart this flow of energy? Being in our yogic community of deep breathers, conscious communicators, and flexibility seekers is a great place to start!  Getting out of our heads and moving into sensation in the body wakens us to new ideas that we can access. Yoga and meditation, facilitated with the Shakti Power of gongs, singing bowls and chimes helps to soothe our nervous systems and return it to balance. Shakti power is simply the divine creative power that transforms and destroys.

Join us for our next Shakti Power Gong Concert on November 7th at Yoga Yoga North.Together we can expand into the realm of infinity, where all things are possible. Along with lots of gongs, a mandala will be created in the center of the room, symbolizing the beauty of nature and energizing the sacred space with light, liberation and bliss. All you have to do is show up, rest on some comfortable blankets and allow the cosmic vibrations to carry you into the vastness of the Universe.

November’s New Moon Gong Concert features five master gong players weaving the healing energy of sound: Amrit Dev, Chandra Kirin, Harimandir (mandala designer), Sirgun and Vedya.