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Rest and Renew

By Sheila Singh

Stillness and silence can feel like precious commodities in our world today. I find that now more than ever we are inundated with immense amounts of information. We are carrying an increasing sense of urgency to respond to life, whether in person or through the many virtual spaces we might engage in. Many are not only moving faster, we are also trying to multitask more. Rather than full and vibrant, life might feel exhausting, and lacking satisfaction or meaning.

The time to Rest is now. We can choose to set life aside for some time to replenish life within. Journalist and novelist, Pico Iyer, describes this as the “urgency to slow down” and the yearning to return to a more natural and sustaining rhythm – one that can be moved by the world, instead of constantly moving in it, and one that can be attentive and intimate with life, rather than constantly trying to fix and manage it.

You might consider the following questions in a gentle and kind way:

  • Are you feeling physically or emotionally depleted?
  • Do you often overextend yourself to external requests or demands at the expense of your own needs?
  • Do you spend more time living in your mind than your body? Connected to devices rather than free from them?
  • Do you feel like most days you are on the go, moving from one thing to the next with little opportunity for pause?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in good company. Being human means falling into and out of our essential rhythm. Thankfully there are practices and communities through which we can find our way back Home.

Starting March 26th, I will be leading a four week yoga plus exploration, and I invite you to come as you are. This will be a safe place for you to rest, restore and realign with yourself. There will be no agenda or expectations, and nothing to fix, change or repair. We will explore the transformative practice of iRest® yoga nidra. iRest is a healing practice of guided rest and meditation, rooted in yogic and non-dual wisdom. I will guide you gently into the layers of life, and the direct nature of your sensory experience. Rather than doing, we will explore the simplicity of Being. This may feel like a contrast to the conditioning of a fast moving, striving and achieving oriented life, however, Being is our most essential nature. When we are not trying to make anything happen, rest and ease often naturally arise. The physical body begins to restore, and the heart gently mends. Often new perspectives appear in relation to life situations.

I intend for our time to be mostly experiential so that you can experience firsthand the benefits of practice. There is no experience required. Each class will include a centering, check in, brief orientation to iRest followed by a 40 minute guided practice, and time to connect and share as we close. iRest can be explored in any position that feels comfortable. Often individuals choose to practice reclining, though it is not necessary.

My hope is that you will feel more easeful and whole in yourself and your Being as you walk back into your life.

“The pace created by this system is for machines and not a magical and divine human being. You are enough. Rest.”

For more information and to sign-up, click here.

More information: www.irest.org