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New Year’s Eve R-n-R Event

By Brooke Binstock


There are many ways to bring in the New Year in our culture, and especially in Austin!  With an air of excitement and entertainment on every corner, we band together in a celebratory thunderclap and often don’t recollect the night’s events. I’ve had my fair share of these nights and have enjoyed each iteration of celebrating. But now, I am realizing the value in quiet reflection. Mary Richardson and I are excited to be co-teaching an event on New Year’s Eve to help quiet down the noise and get acquainted with that intentional part that is within each of us.

Beyond the physical asana practice, yoga encourages self-inquiry and actualization. In fact, one of the limbs in the yoga sutras, Swadhyaya, beckons us to go in. In the sutras it says, “study thy self, discover the divine.” 11.44.  I read recently that when we get more acquainted with our true selves, it is like building a wiser and more attuned internal GPS system. We begin to know who we are and who we are not as we move through the world, which aids us in becoming more authentic.

Personally, I used to think that New Year’s resolutions were about amping up that internal motivator, which in my case has historically been more reminiscent of a drill sergeant. I don’t know about you, but I would rather not have a high school track coach yelling in my ear. Now, I see through my own yoga practice, that intrinsic motivation and honing in on what truly is in service of my highest good can come in a much kinder package.

Mary and I will be holding space with grace and ease so that you can open up the deeper truths that lie within. Join us on the evening of December 31 from 4:30-6:30 PM at Yoga Yoga Westlake, so that we may begin 2019 on a mindful foot. And, since it will be still be early, there will still be time to celebrate wildly if you so choose, because afterall it is all yoga.