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New Students

Welcome new students! When you come to Yoga Yoga, you will be greeted by a member of our friendly front desk staff and be asked to fill out a small registration form, if you haven’t already registered online. If you are brand new to yoga, we ask that you review yoga etiquette before coming so you know what to expect when you arrive. If you have never been to Yoga Yoga before, please try and get to the studio 15 minutes before the start of class to get acquainted with our facilities and get settled. We often have a large number of people in the lobby at check-in and we want to be sure you get the personal attention necessary to feel comfortable participating in our group yoga classes.

At the start of class, Yoga Yoga Teachers often like to check in with students to become aware of any injuries students might have, so they can propose any necessary pose modifications appropriately. Please feel free to share this privately with your teacher if  that makes you more comfortable. In any yoga class, should the movements or postures get too intense, students are always encouraged to relax into child’s pose and rest until they feel ready to continue.

Class size varies depending on the teacher and the time of the class, but more often than not classes after 5 pm are more crowded than morning or afternoon classes. In every class, teachers will instruct students through a series of poses, ending in final relaxation pose of savasana, (integrated rest) with students lying  flat on their backs, breathing deeply.

Many Teachers will close their class in cross-legged easy pose, clasping their hands together in front of the heart center and inviting students to do the same. Your teacher might say, “Namaste,” which translates to, “I bow to you,” and which is intended to pay respect to the highest qualities in each individual. You may participate by repeating the blessing at the end of class or observe silently.

After your first yoga class, you should feel refreshed and invigorated. Your teacher will serve you a cup of our delicious, hot Yogi Tea: a tasty, restorative beverage that strengthens the nervous system, energizes the body, and helps clear the mind.