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Mindful Eating And Kundalini

By JenJo

Another day of “Austin’s water boil watch” brings the idea of conscious eating and consumption. So many times we unconsciously care for ourselves. We forget if we washed our hair in the shower, so we do it again. We can lose track of the time and put off eating till we are “starving”. Then we shove an emergency nutrition bar in our mouths from the glove box, while we wait in rush hour traffic. I am no stranger to giving or hearing the excuses. What if we decided to make a change? Let’s pay attention to what we put in and on our bodies. Let’s notice how our food is grown and prepared. Let’s honor the food we receive with a set, setting, and blessing.

On November 11th, I will be leading a class about Mindful Eating and I would love to take this journey with you. We will talk about cultures and customs around food from the past until now. I’ll give you ways to listen to your body and create a healthy lifestyle. Kundalini Kriyas and Meditations will be done in supporting this activation. “The Body Temple – Kundalini Yoga for Body Acceptance, Eating Disorders & Radical Self Love” by Ramdesh Kaur will also support us at making peace with food.

Class will end with Bhoj Kriya. In Bhoj Kriya, we will learn how to be conscious when preparing meals, eating and cleaning up after. Yes, it’s a kriya that involves eating!

Yogi Bhajan said about this Kriya, “You eat to live. You should not gobble food because the secretion of the stomach is ordered by the pituitary and on the command of the pineal. When you quickly fill your stomach, bloat it up immediately and give it a shock, then it gives your body a shock for the next three hours. This is what is called an upset stomach. For food to be rejuvenating, to give you strength, to keep your body young, you have to use the saliva of your mouth. If you do not mix the saliva in every morsel of your food, you are eating poison. If you procedurally eat the food you usually gulp in 15 minutes, it will become your best friend, your best strength and your best self. Usually when you eat, your entire nervous system moves and you move your mouth and tongue together. If you just swallow things, you don’t eat them. When we swallow food that is not properly chewed, it swallows your own strength, your life. Then nothing is left of you. Slow eating is one of the best meditations on earth.”

Let us use the technology of Kundalini Yoga to connect us back to self. When we are truly conscious, we are mindful of all things that feed us.

I look forwarding to seeing you there. Click here to register.