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The Art of Holding Space - 125 Hour Mentorship Program

2020 Dates Coming Soon!


“What if our religion was each other
If our practice was our life
If prayer, our words
If the teacher was life
If wisdom was self-knowledge
If love was the center of our being.”
~ Ganga White

Holding Space is the capacity to be a grounded, compassionate, generous and non-judgmental presence for individuals or groups in need of support or care. Holding space means to create a stable and open container for people to be exactly where they are in the moment, to be comfortable sitting with discomfort, to witness emotional states as they rise and fall away, without the need to fix fade or change them and to allow a deeper state of being that is beyond duality, a state of being that heals from within. Before we learn how to do this for others, we learn how to do it for ourselves.

“Each place is the right place–the place where I now am can be a sacred space.”
~ Ravi Ravindra

The apprentice relationship was how yoga was traditionally passed down to growing teachers and this program will continue this powerful learning tradition in an intimate, safe and supported group. In this 6-month program you will study and practice the following:

  • Experience yoga teaching as a healing practice and yoga class as a sacred ceremony
  • Develop a long term one on one relationship with your mentor who will guide you closely throughout the program and beyond
  • Develop a regular practice with your mentor
  • Observe Angie in action in the classroom and have the opportunity to reflect and ask questions about your observations
  • Deepen your teaching skills as you assist Angie in the classroom; cultivate your ability to see students from both a gross and subtle body perspective, offering verbal instruction and non-invasive adjustments
  • Attend monthly weekend workshops where Angie will cover a diverse range of topics:
    • Yoga as a healing practice
    • Holding Space and Creating a Sacred Container in the Classroom
    • Teaching as a Ritual
    • Mindfullness Meditation
    • Stability and Strength in Asana
    • Subtle Energy in Asana
    • Adjusting from a Non-Invasive and Energetic Perspective
    • Working with Common Injuries
    • Subtle awareness beyond the Five Senses

Students enrolled in the Art of Holding Space Mentorship are required to assist a class with Angie on a regular basis.


  • 2 years of consistent yoga practice
  • 200 hour certification




Angie Knight has studied yoga, meditation, shamanism, and other healing arts for over 18 years.   She has taught over ten thousand public and private yoga classes and leads teacher trainings, mentorships, inspirational seminars, and retreats, both nationally and internationally.  She has studied various yoga lineages, but her main teacher has been her own practice, personal experience and life itself. She considers herself a student of life and has learned to embrace what is happening in the moment as the ultimate guide to living.  Her teaching is light hearted and fun yet she is down to earth and connects deeply with her students and life. Her teaching style is humorous, empowering, compassionate, and loving, and she teaches from a place of connection rather than authority.

For years, she has coached and supported others in transforming their paininto power, trusting their own inner guidance, and living an authentic life.  Angie has spent 12 years developing her own unique way of teaching yoga and holding space for others.  She has had the honor of learning from hundreds of different teachers in her 17 years of yoga practice.  Her teaching background is a mixture of Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Shamanic/Energy Healing.  Angie’s skill lies in combining yoga and healing to facilitate transformation in her students, helping them remember their inherent wholeness and discover what makes them come alive.