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The Gift of Healing


By Fanny Priest

The world needs your gift of healing–and you need your own care.

As an empath, a type 2 on the Enneagram, and a healer, my desire to help other people with their discomfort runs deep. Yes, what I consider to be my greatest gift can also be my greatest liability if I’m not the first and most important recipient of my own healing presence and nurturance.

This is the lesson I learned a few years ago when I participated in a mentorship program for yoga teachers, taught by my two favorite teachers. One of the main aspects of the program was learning to have appropriate energetic boundaries and self-care for yoga teachers. I was surprised that the first thing we learned in the first weekend was how to NOT hold space for people.

But it makes so much sense. I realized that, in wanting to use the gift of my healing presence to serve the people I came in contact with, I was in fact, completely depleting myself, because I was always on. I was like an unprotected wireless network: I was open and available all the time, and I was giving my energy to so many people that my system would get overwhelmed. And I wouldn’t have anything left to tend to myself, to my family, and to those who had entered into a conscious agreement to work with me.

My own personal work over the last three years, as well as my work with yoga therapy clients, has been centered around this question: how can empaths and healers learn to meet their own needs first and foremost, so that they can continue to serve sustainably, without getting depleted and overextended? A lot of it has to do with boundaries, protection, and self-care: in essence in making sure that your energy network is password protected–that is, ensuring that your healing capacity serves you first and foremost.

I am putting all that I have learned–the practices and perspectives that WORK for actual people–into this workshop that I am offering at Yoga Yoga Westgate on Saturday and Sunday, March 16 and 17, from 12pm to 5pm each day..

This workshop can benefit: empaths, healers of all stripes, yoga teachers, therapists, coaches, massage therapists, doulas, midwives, nurses, doctors, hairdressers, acupuncturists, mothers, caregivers, helping professionals of all kinds. If this article resonates, if you long for the ability to tend to your needs so that you can continue to serve sustainably, then this workshop is for you.

I am all about actionable information. This isn’t the kind of workshop where you’ll hear a bunch of awesome ideas, but then get home and have no clue how to apply them to your life. You will leave with specific, tangible practices that you can start implementing to make a difference in your life right away. And you’ll have access to materials (a workbook and some recorded practices) to continue to support you on your journey to becoming resourced. Also, for two weeks after the workshop, we’ll meet for two 1-hour group calls so that I can guide and support you as you integrate the teachings into your life.

The world needs your gift. And you need your own care. When you bring the force of your fully resourced healing presence to your work with people, you have the power to change the world! I would love to support you as you do just that. I would be honored for you to join me.

Please click here to register for The ReSourced Healer.