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In addition to private yoga sessions, several of our teachers offer private consultations in the fields of: Vedic Astrology, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Gong Therapy, Birth & Delivery, and Grief & Healing. Consultations can be scheduled at any of our studios.


Your personal astrology reading by Mehtab is based on your birth date, time, and location, as well as specific questions or areas of life you would like to explore.

Your first appointment is a comprehensive life reading that examines your basic nature, your gifts and challenges as well as the karmic issues you are working on in this lifetime. All areas of life are considered, including relationships, career, health and best spiritual or yogic practices. In addition, you will learn about the current cycle of transformation you are experiencing and how to plan for and anticipate the coming changes in your life.

Cost: $175



Alice’s consultations are individually designed to supports women and their partners in preparing for labor, birth and parenting. Some of the techniques  couples can learn: How partners can offer support and comfort. Specific positions for labor and birth. How to use breath and sound techniques as well as guided relaxation techniques. We can also address any fears concerns or questions you may be having. These consultation are a great way for you and your partner to connect and prepare to welcome your baby.

Cost for a couples session: $150 for 2 hour session

Healing for a Loss Consultation
This consultation is meant to support women who are healing and or griffing after the loss pregnancy or child. Many of us struggle with are healing and can have a lot of fear especially as we are preparing to welcome another baby. Yoga can offer many tool can be helpful as you move through this challenging time.

Cost: $99 for 1 hour session



Join Everitt and experience the powerful healing tools of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gongs. Revitalize and renew your body through a magical sound bath designed to promote rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit as you experience complete relaxation and harmony from within.

SOUND THERAPY is an effective tool in reducing stress and anxiety, while enhancing and restoring brain and neurological function.  A sound “bath” offers participants a unique opportunity to achieve a restorative, yet invigorated state, within several minutes to an hour.

Sound frequencies are scientifically proven to induce restorative Alpha and Theta brain waves, and balance the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing nervous stress.  Sound is effective in relieving adrenal fatigue, has been known to alleviate depression, and is becoming increasingly popular in medical applications.  Because sound vibration is felt, as well as heard, sound is an effective form of both emotional and physical therapy.

Cost: $150



  • Experience the deep effect of sound on your body, mind and spirit.
  • Sounds of music, voice as it creates mantra, VibroAcoustic technology and the gong can be felt deeply within your body in ways that allow relief from anxiety, tension and the effects of stress retention.
  • Light exercise and breathing will prepare you for a session of those sounds vibrating from within a comfortable sound mat.


  • Employ the use of posture, breath, meditation and the sounds of the gong to relieve the effects of stress and tension so you can find relaxation and peace both within and all around you.



  • Deepen your practice and make sense of your life’s patterns.
  • Your birthday is the key to understand your strengths, make sense of your recurring challenges and discover what approach allows you to live to your destiny.
  • Learn the code of your tendencies and find a way to interact with yourself and others more easily and effectively.



  • Investigate possibilities and develop insight to deepen the effect of your teaching.
  • Discover areas of your passion to help others elevate their lives and practice, as well as enhance your intuition and sensitivity in the classroom and private sessions.