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Peaceful Practices for a Smooth Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and as we get closer to the date of marathon cooking and eating,  it is easy for tension to build. Friends, family, food and festivities can offer an opportunity for blissful gatherings, but can also induce a sense of chaos.  Strike the right balance by planning ahead, nourishing yourself, and taking
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The Wealth of Surrender

In the cyclical flow of creation, after all the action and doing, comes surrender and possibility. In a culture that does not honor surrender, making the space to receive the wealth of what we are creating, in any form, rarely happens. We end up always on the go and never in the flow. It’s Venus
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Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

Rhonda is a local organic gardener who shares her passion for empowering others to grown their own food in an upcoming workshop, “Get Growing! Planting your Fall Garden,” on August 28 at Yoga Yoga Westgate. She is a teacher at Yoga Yoga and shares her love of food and gardening as the Gardening Yogini. Today,
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