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Blog Archives: September 2017

3 Ways Yoga Enhances Athletic Performance

September 29, 2017
Deanna Velazquez
Looking to achieve peak physical condition? Want to enhance your athletic performance, but not sure how? As a former personal trainer and group fitness instructor and now a 500-RYT for over 15 years I’ve worked with and have seen all types of athletes from every walk of life. From professional athletes, runners, bodybuilders, CrossFit enthusiasts, to the everyday gym rat (just to name a few). They all have the same objective - each athlete wants to reach a goal. Their goals may be different depending on their area of interest, but the things ...

Shoulder to Hand, Down Dog to Arm Balances

September 28, 2017
John Mackey
Arm balances can be safe, fun, and gratifying for your practice. But just like any yoga practice, it's important to use correct alignment, and have the knowledge and enough strength so that we can do them safely. But what if we don't? And even if we have the strength, how do we know that we are doing them in such a way that our practice is not compromised? Many times we think that muscle strength (myofascial strength) is the primary consideration that prevents us from getting into an arm balance.  But we know from our regular yoga practice ...

The Power of Yoga to Support Recovery

September 27, 2017
Laura McCann
Two-thirds of American families are either dealing with addiction or are affected by someone in their lives who has an addiction. That’s why I’m a big proponent of taking the stigma out of not just addiction, but any kind of mental illness; so that many of us, as well as our friends and family members will feel supported in asking for help. To prevent relapse people need to find ways to express their emotions. Emotions have identifiable sensations inside the body and have to find a way out – they are energy in motion. The nature of energy ...

Get the shot, or go to a workshop. Which would you rather do?

September 25, 2017
we enter cold and flu season, it’s a good time to consider practices to help keep us healthy. The body’s immune response to pathogens such as cold and flu viruses is composed of a combination of several different specialized systems and functions of the physical body including the lymphatic system, the circulatory system, and the endocrine system. The efficient functioning of these various systems as part of the immune response is affected by our ability to rest and relax, to move and exercise, and to maintain a positive outlook. Kundalini ...

Celebrating the Divine Feminine in Yoga

September 25, 2017
Ana Pilar
Hello Shakti combines storytelling, yoga practice and live drum-guided meditation for a crazy-fun-transformative experience that brings Goddess energy bone deep. Founding teachers Ana Pilar Cruz and Jamie Waggoner offer workshops, special class series, immersion weekends and pilgrimages for modern tantrikas, yogis & Goddess folk of all kinds. Ana Pilar and Jamie are bringing their Embodying Shakti class series back to Yoga Yoga in October 2017. This series includes some basics about Shakti energy and an overview of the better-known Tantric ...

Breathe. Just breathe.

September 22, 2017
So often when we (when I!) run around and are anxious, stressed, etc. we forget to breathe! Or we take small short breaths, increasing our heart rate, and keeping our anxiety up. Ever notice when you're angry how your breath changes, or when you're excited, or when you're extremely calm? Our breath is intrinsically tied to our mental and emotional state. This concept fascinates me! I have been learning more about this mind/body/breath connection and am excited to dive deeper in this Pranayama (4th limb) workshop. By becoming more aware ...

Acro Yoga

September 21, 2017
Have you been curious about the new fad that has been overtaking Austin? Acro yoga is a partner-focused yoga that lets you fly high, spin, and pop in the sky. It takes the balance, flexibility, and strength of an individual yoga practice and builds into it the dynamic movement of acrobatics. This partner practice involves two people: a base and flyer (and at times a spotter), who work together to create beautiful shapes and patterns through movement. Where can you learn acro yoga? There are many ways you can learn acro yoga. Below are a ...

Why Vinyasa yoga: Q & A

September 12, 2017
Lori Johnson
An Interview with teachers Kristen Folkens and Mary Renee on their upcoming 40 hour Training... Advanced Vinyasa Practice, Complex Sequencing, & Creative Community. Q. Why do you practice vinyasa yoga? Mary: I first began practicing Ashtanga yoga. It was the perfect practice for me because I was lacking discipline and had an overactive mind. The intensity of the practice had a grounding effect. Then I began to be a bit more creative with my practice, and would sequence according to what I needed. It became very clear to me that the ...

Introducing ‘The Wellness Program’ - Sharing yoga with the non-yogis

September 08, 2017
Rich Goldstein
Beginning next week, and over the next few months at Yoga Yoga, you can expect to see a few displays about our new outreach program, which we are simply calling ‘The Wellness Program’.  We’ve been generating this program for over a decade, as our programs and our team adjust to the changes in the yoga world, the ever increasing skills of our yoga teachers and the growing group of accomplished yoga therapists who call Yoga Yoga home. There is an ever increasing need throughout our community for more opportunities to practice the healthy ...

Yup it Up

September 05, 2017
Jess Goulding
These days, yoga can be (and is!) combined with just about anything: creative writing, dance, music, acrobatics, kung fu, tai chi, art, and even beer! I think my favorite combo, though I’ve never participated in it, is yoga and goats. Yes, goats. So I must say I wasn’t surprised when I heard of yoga and cupping, but I was certainly surprised at how effective it is! Cupping isn’t new. It’s ancient. It goes back to ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern traditions of healing. Today, it is considered an alternative medicine used for ...

ROOT Camp: Practice is the Path

September 05, 2017
Beth LaGrone
It’s back-to-school and time to re-root into healthy practices! The summer’s fluctuating schedule and almost endless heat can take even the most disciplined of us for a loop. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being in practice. ←Tweet this! Perhaps you’re just returning to the mat, or your regular routine, or maybe you just want to be a part of a community of yogis dedicated to living their yoga off the mat & in their lives. Regardless of your reason, Root Camp is back. Starting September 25th, we will embark on a 7-day, ...