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Blog Archives: September 2016

Are You a Gong Head?

September 20, 2016
No doubt about it – the sound of the Gong is addictive. There used to be a time many years ago when I did not play the Gong at the end of every Kundalini Yoga class I taught. I thought it might be a good idea not to get every one all strung out and dependent on a gong relaxation. So every now and then I would play some music and mantra and chill instead. And then I noticed people were twitching, peeking at me during relaxation to see if I might pick up a mallet and then giving me a thumbs up when I turned the music off and struck the ...

Rocket Yoga

September 16, 2016
Gil Perez
What is Rocket Yoga? People ask me as soon as they hear this name.  To keep it simple, I respond, “It’s just yoga!” as Larry Schultz (the creator of this style) used to say.  If you are expecting a more, let’s say, specific answer, I can tell you that this style is rooted in the traditional Ashtanga Yoga but adds a progressive way to it, a non-traditional kind of method, western-style system, breaking the hierarchy.  Quite long right? I tell you, “It’s just yoga,” because sometimes people don’t know what Ashtanga Yoga is in the first place, ...