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Blog Archives: August 2017

Nia FreeDance - Art of Conscience Dance

August 24, 2017
Joanie Brooks
“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” - Martha Graham Dancing is for everybody, and everybody can dance and enjoy the benefits of self-discovery, emotional expression, spontaneous and free movement, passion and pure FUN! The benefits of dance and the potential for healing and conditioning our body, emotions, mind, and spirit are endless! You may have heard the story of Native American medicine shaman’s when speaking to the disheartened, and the 3 questions they ask: When was the last time you sang? When was the last time you ...

Claim Your Worth: Business Growth as Spiritual Growth

August 18, 2017
Beth LaGrone
All growth is spiritual growth, including our business growth, but only if we recognize how those lessons may show up for us. We talked about this is my previous blog, where I included a free webinar to help you stay grounded while you consistently and sustainably build your brand on social media. I want to talk more about the potent growth opportunities that come from deciding to consciously build and grow a wellness practice. The internet is shakti energy. She is expansive and hard to contain. When we decide to grow our wellness ...

5 Ways Yin Yoga Helps You Do Less, Feel More

August 16, 2017
Fanny Priest
Yin yoga is one of the hottest trends in yoga studios today, which is somewhat paradoxical, because Yin is a cooler, gentler, more receptive approach to yoga. While more active (or Yang) forms of yoga like flow or vinyasa certainly aren’t losing any dedicated followers, more and more students are unrolling their mats for this calm and quiet practice--and are coming back for more. Haven’t tried Yin yoga yet? Read on to learn about the benefits of slowing down. What is Yin yoga? Yin yoga was founded in the 1970s by martial arts expert and ...

Curious About Vinyasa Yoga?

August 15, 2017
Rhonda Green
Have you seen vinyasa classes on the schedule and wondered what’s going on in those classes? Were you a little intimidated because you heard they were hard and were unsure if you were ready? Is your intuition saying you want more challenge in your yoga practice, but are not sure how to do it in a way that works for your body? Are you curious about vinyasa? The Sanskrit translation of vinyasa is “to place in a special way.” In vinyasa classes, yoga postures and the transitions between postures are aligned and linked with the breath. Think ...

Finding the Earth

August 12, 2017
Dana Makover
When I started attending public yoga classes in my early twenties, the instant gratification was what kept me coming back. I had been practicing some form of hatha yoga since I was 15 with my voice teacher, but the movement we did was nothing like the fast-paced, sweaty movement of the public vinyasa classes I took in a little Brooklyn studio. I had practiced gentle movement geared towards connecting body and voice - subtle movement. The warm room, the beautiful teacher, the big, expressive movements: it was intoxicating! And I could actually ...

Taking yoga off the Mat and Into the Office

August 11, 2017
Lisa Feder
As I observe what is happening in the workplace, I often pose the question “Can yoga principles live in harmony with business goals?” Of course, my answer is “yes.” In fact, I think yoga at work can help you to be even more effective at meeting the goals and demands of your workplace. I hate to do this, but take a moment to think about a difficult work situation, or a challenging co-worker. It is likely you became a little bit agitated or stressed just thinking about this situation. What just happened is that your thoughts alone about the ...

Prosperity and Security

August 07, 2017
PROSPERITY & SECURITY: What is prosperity and what is the big deal about it? If it’s a big deal, how do I get it? What has security got to do with it? Prosperity is the electro-magnetic pulse emanating from our higher consciousness that enables us to thrive and blossom in our earthly endeavors with good health, good vibes, and good fortune. It’s a big deal because this pulse is a direct result from knowing & manifesting who we are, that our only identity is our spiritual identity, we are here to express ourselves from our soul, to ...

We are made to Dance!

August 06, 2017
Beth LaGrone
“It’s not about what it looks like, it’s about what it feels like.” Sometimes when stretching a muscle you need to alter the angle of your body to access different “stuck-ness”. Sometimes our asana practice isn't enough to access the stuck emotional energy patterns held deep in the body. I was never a dancer. Well, yes, I was the cutest tap dancing tiger at 4 years old, but nothing really after that. Dance just wasn't actively in my life. I mean, I danced and had fun and all that, but it wasn't as if I was living in the movie, ...

Claim Your Worth: Growing Online

August 01, 2017
Beth LaGrone
There is an opportunity that happens with each of us as we walk the path of a teacher. How do we embody and live our teachings in an authentic manner while also growing our classes and paying our bills? So, you’ve decided you’re going to grow your practice. You’ve been getting by fairly well, but you’re ready to expand. Maybe you teach yoga (or have a certification you would like to use), or maybe you’re a massage therapist or other wellness professional. It doesn’t matter the modality you use to serve, it matters that you serve your ...