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Blog Archives: July 2018

River Stone Painting & Meditation

July 20, 2018
Leticia Alvarez
Yoga and art for kids is a fun and nurturing setting for your children to express themselves in a different environment. In this unique multi-sensory workshop (information is conveyed through touch and movement—called tactile and kinesthetic elements—as well as sight and hearing) your children will have the opportunity to be creative through movement in kid friendly yoga, music and art. Allowing your child to participate in individualized art activities, movement and music encourages them to make connections to the world around them. Even at ...

Balance through Yoga and Art

July 16, 2018
Leticia Alvarez
6th Chakra- Third Eye- Balance through Yoga and Art Chakras – the Sanskrit word translating to wheel or disk refers to a vortex of spinning energy interacting with various physiological and neurological systems in the body. They are pictured as swirling, colored disks or spinning spirals of vitality. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, color, and governs specific functions that help make you more physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually balanced. Have you wondered what healthy chakras feel like? Have you been curious ...

40 Days

July 11, 2018
Joe Hauger
Yogi’s like numbers.   There are, 7 Chakras, 8 Limbs of Yoga, 10 Bodies, 108 Sun Salutations, and of course we do 40 Day Challenges. Why the number 40? Life begins at 40! 40 weeks in a pregnancy. The 40 hour work week. Our skin cells take 40 days to renew. Ships crews were kept in quarantine for 40 days to stop spread of disease. 40 years is an epoch or a generation change. It rained for 40 Days and 40 nights on Noah during the flood. You have to be 40 Years old to study the Kabbalah. Moses spent 40 Days on Mount ...

Sacred Intentions

July 09, 2018
Kelly Inselmann LCSW, C-IAYT, CGP
The cancer diagnosis affects every area of your life: your body, your mind, your relationships with partners, children and friends, your sense of identity, and your thoughts about the future and what is possible. Just when you think it’s over and you are getting your life back, there’s more to adjust to. It’s hard to slip back into “normal,” even though everyone around you is ready for you to resume your activities as though nothing ever happened. Meditation and yoga are powerful tools to track your healing by sensing, observing, and ...

The Yogi’s Herbal Cabinet: Digestion

July 08, 2018
Brandi Perkins
If we allow it, what we put into our body has the potential to be Asana and part of our practice of yoga. To pause with a cup of tea and breathe brings insight both into who you are and what is contained in that cup. Whether there is harmony or disharmony perceived in the moment we are given a chance to engage and learn more about how we view the world, how this has imprinted ourselves, and how to soften into our direct experience. As we digest food we also digest experience. We process emotions, and these emotions can determine how ...