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Blog Archives: May 2018

Your Inner Agni

May 28, 2018
Kristi Stotts
Agni is the Sanskrit word for “fire”. And it is within you. When you tap into your core strength, be it in yoga or in other areas of your life, you stoke this inner fire and find your power center. By connecting to this power, you not only mindfully activate muscles that help you to be physically stronger, you also foster a connection to your energetic core – the essence of YOU. When you feel strong and powerful at your physical center you also feel focused and in touch with your convictions, confidence, and truth. Think of how strong ...

Yoga for the Wounded Heart: An Invitation

May 24, 2018
Tatiana Forero Puerta
When I was twenty-two years old, I had a massive physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual breakdown. It was as though the years of accumulated trauma and stress I’d managed to keep under wraps could no longer be stifled. This is how the story of my breakdown starts. But this is also how the story of healing begins. At twenty-two, facing severe depression, OCD, PTSD, anorexia, and panic disorder, I was given the advice by a cardiologist to take up yoga. It was then, that I was given a second chance on life. I share my story not because I ...

Healthcare Meets Yoga Therapy: The Science, The Practice, The Future

May 21, 2018
Rich Goldstein
Over the past 20 years Yoga Yoga has been bringing outstanding yoga to our beloved Austin community, and this has been and is a labor of love and passion for the teachers and staff that have contributed to our efforts. During these 2 decades yoga has moved from a ‘fringe’, spiritual / health ‘thing’ to a mainstream, well researched contribution to the health and vitality of individuals and communities. Yoga (and the mindfulness that is inherent in the practice) has been shown, both through research and its ever increasing popularity to be ...

How Yoga Works

May 15, 2018
Rachel Hector
Sometimes I forget why I do yoga. And then sometimes I forget to do yoga. At least, I momentarily think that I have forgotten. The hidden truth is that once you’ve done hours upon years of moving and breathing, focusing and chanting, yoga often comes to you. I think philosophy upon waking. I become aware of my mind every time I pick up a glass of water or wait at a stop light. I move on my mat when my son sleeps and I breathe meaningfully to end the day. It’s not a public class or a private prescription but it works. Without a doubt, there ...

Mandala Stone Painting and Meditation

May 14, 2018
Leticia Alvarez
The Mandala from the Sanskrit word for circle refers to the sense of wholeness created by circular, concentric forms. It is known as a spiritual meditative symbol in many Eastern religions. The Mandala circle can be used for focusing attention, establishing a sacred space, meditation or even bringing one deeper within, feeling more connected to source. The idea of creating a mandala represents transformation of the universe from a reality of suffering to possibly one of enlightenment. By focusing on the Mandala’s circles that represent ...