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Blog Archives: May 2016

Perception, Body Dysmorphia and Sensation

May 26, 2016
Dana Makover
As human beings, we have the unique capacity to accept our perceptions as truth. But if we really pay attention, we often learn that our perceptions are, in fact, pretty far off from the truth. Being with what “is” can be painful and our perception of discomfort or pain turns into a story: "I have tight hips, I'm not flexible, I'm not good at yoga, I shouldn't be here, I hate this body, the girl next to me has a perfect body, I wish I had a different body, I need to go deeper so I become more flexible, etc." This is a common example of ...

Richard Miller's Yoga Nidra

May 05, 2016
Sheila Singh
I had seen his name on many occasions but had not quite taken time to inquire more. As I continued learning more about meditation with various teachers, I would see his name again and again, “Richard Miller.”  Then, about two years ago, with the core of my practice being meditation, I finally took the time to investigate a little further. It is often said, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. Now when I look back, I see how all the prior teachers were gently preparing me for Richard Miller. I went to an afternoon workshop on ...

The Bending Habit You Want to Cultivate

May 03, 2016
John Mackey
How many people do you know that have strained their a couple hours of yard work, going through a big move or simply by picking a piece of paper up off the floor? Most of us know someone who has or have experienced this type of injury ourselves. My goal is to show you that you can learn to do all that day to day bending safely and with relative ease. Yoga can definitely help you prevent back injuries and there are several asanas which can help support your bending habits by strengthening the front and back core muscles. I cannot ...