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Blog Archives: April 2018

Trauma and Yoga

April 30, 2018
Trauma and PTSD has become a popular topic lately and for good reason. We are collectively starting to heal our old wounds, personally and culturally. What was once supposed to be hidden, not talked about or even not known has come into the light to be seen. When these past pains come up, it’s because they want your attention. They want to be acknowledged, held and be welcomed so that you are fully empowered human being. Meaning, these traumas are a gateway to being fully in our bodies, connected to our spirit and humanity. They are gateways ...

Women's Renewal Day Retreat

April 23, 2018
Angie Knight
Bringing women together and leading retreats over the last 8 years has served as a catalyst in my own life. I used to be a serious planner, aka: perfectionist.  I thought my job was to come up with the perfect theme and plan and then make sure things went according to that plan and that everyone had a wonderful experience. Well, let's just say, life had it's way with me and didn't go according to my plans. I was getting ready to lead my first international retreat about 7 years ago, and I had a serious health issue arise which required ...

Yoga for Active People and Athletes

April 12, 2018
Rhonda Green
Living in Austin gives us many opportunities to be active: hiking the trails, swimming in the green belt or Barton Springs, riding bikes, walking or jogging around Town Lake, playing golf, lifting weights, CrossFit in the park or rock climbing outside or at local gyms. Sometimes we turn an activity we love into a full on competitive sport, sometimes we do it just for fun and fitness. Whether you identify as an active person or athlete, it’s important to look at three things: the muscles and mechanics being used, repetitive motion and ...

Just Being

April 11, 2018
Dean Sluyter
Yoga Yoga is pleased to welcome back meditation teacher Dean Sluyter for two special workshops offering teachings from his new book, "Fear Less," a follow up to his award winning, "Natural Meditation." Dean Sluyter has taught meditation for over 40 years. He has appeared frequently in national media such as The New York Times, NPR, the Dr. Oz Show, and O, the Oprah Magazine. Free audio meditation from Dean.

Mindfulness: A Practice for When You Don’t Have Time to Practice

April 06, 2018
Jo Eckler, Psy.D., RYT
Here it is, nearly the end of March, and I hear myself and others saying, “Where did the time go?” I’ll look up, and the sky will already be dimming. Or my alarm rings me awake. Or the to-do list grows a foot longer. There is so much happening in us and around us every day. Many of us find an hour of two of calm and focus on the mat, but what if you could have that throughout your day? No mat or leggings required? Even if you were sick or injured and couldn’t do your usual practice? A mindfulness practice can help us stretch time. When we ...

Yoga in Action

April 03, 2018
I’ve never considered myself an activist. My yoga practice has always been a source of calm and peace, helping me navigate the world with compassion and understanding of our humanity. Not really an agent of big change or sweeping reform. Plus, the vision I had of an activist was someone angry with their face set in a frown, a furrowed brow, and fists in the air demanding someone listen to them! Not really my style.  Although I applaud them and am glad there are those of us on the planet with this dharma, I didn’t see myself among them. I ...