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Blog Archives: April 2017

Yoga for Wellness

April 28, 2017
Beth St. Romain
When you think of the practice of yoga, what comes to mind?  Many people simply think of the physical practice of “asana,” or yoga postures.  They think of yoga classes, on mats, in studios; yoga is something they do once or twice a week, and when the mat is rolled up and thrown into the trunk, they go on with their day, feeling better, physically, but missing out on a whole host of benefits that could help them achieve wellness, on multiple levels. Let’s take a look deeper and expand your concept of yoga, beyond the practice of asana! ...

Rediscovering Movement and Touch with Donna Farhi

April 24, 2017
Beth St. Romain
Dedicated yoga practitioners know that movement is more than just mindless motion.  If you are awake and attentive, movement is your way of connecting to the world around you.  If you move mindfully, you experience sensations that you might not normally notice.  You become aware of gravity, your own spine, and your own consciousness.  Intelligent movement leads to the alignment of your body, mind, and spirit, and an experienced yoga teacher can show you how to move more mindfully with just a touch.  With one informed, simple touch adjustment, ...

3 Reasons to Invest in the Best Yoga Teacher Training Program

April 21, 2017
Beth St. Romain
I got some valuable advice years ago, “Invest in the best tools, and you’ll get the best results.” I’ll admit, there have been times when I thought I knew better, and I don’t mind telling you, I wasted a lot of time and money over the years on tools that didn’t serve me.  I put a lot of energy into doing things twice: the wrong way once, and then the right way.  Thankfully, by the time I decided to become a yoga teacher, I was older and wiser. My decision to learn from the very best yoga teacher trainers has been the biggest blessing of ...

The 21 Stages of Meditation

April 05, 2017
Beth St. Romain
“There's nothing which can be more precious in you than your own relationship with your own consciousness.” - Yogi Bhajan Yogi Bhajan spoke with the authority of a truly enlightened being. He spoke with the wisdom of a man who put his practice first.  Although we are all blessed with this same potential, most of us only see enlightenment in spurts.  We diligently practice Yoga for a while, then we get distracted and put all sorts of other things first.  We wander off the path to the true Self and look outside ourselves for what might be ...