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Blog Archives: February 2016

Mealtime Mindfulness

February 15, 2016
Beth LaGrone
What if I told you that with a few simple adjustments to meals, your food can not only taste better, be gentler on your system, but also help you feel full and nourished faster? These minor changes also lead to saving money on groceries and feeling healthier. It's true and it's easy. Here's the deal. When you eat without being present, your body cannot properly digest because it feels stressed. For example, when you scarf down a breakfast taco over your laptop at work because you were running late, you're not going to get much out of that ...

8 Yoga Poses to Strengthen and Stretch Your Pelvic Floor and Glutes

February 11, 2016
Sarah Frances Reinsch
Recently, I read an article about a woman named Katy Bowman who discovered some real scientific reasoning behind a weak Pelvic Floor (PF). We have all heard that doing Kegels will strengthen the pelvic floor, which we want because of several reasons including urinary incontinence (which happens to both men and women so read up boys!), but Katy, during her years of research, has discovered that Weak glutes + too many Kegels = PFD (Pelvic Floor Disorder). Interestingly enough, if your pelvic floor is too tight, that doesn't necessarily ...

The Benefits of Singing Bowls and Sound Therapy

February 04, 2016
Everitt Allen
The first time that I heard a Tibetan Singing Bowl, the sound enveloped me. The undertones gradually changed into undulating overtones.  I began to want to know more about the Tibetan/ Himalayan singing bowls, so I found Jodie Roberts, a Shaman and sound healer, and started studying with her. I acquired bowls of my own and began learning how to play.  Eventually I began studying with Suren Shestha a Tibetan sound healer from Boulder, CO, using  techniques that were commonly used hundreds of years ago. After some time with Suren I decided to ...