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Blog Archives: December 2016

An 8 Limb Practice in 75 Minutes or Less: Part Two

December 30, 2016
Jim Freeman
The Prana Body. Retrieved from Nadi Shodhana Pranayama “If one wants to lead a spiritual life, this very pranayama is sufficient. It will steady the way to mediation and samadhi.” -Swami Satyananda Posture: Sukhasana. Mudra: Nasagra Mudra - right hand, index and middle finger rests on the eyebrow center; thumb is near the right nostril, ring and pinkie fold next to the left nostril (this is the suggested mudra by the Bihar Yoga folks but I typically use Vishnu mudra, which is folding the ...

An 8 Limb Practice in 75 Minutes or Less: Part One

December 23, 2016
Jim Freeman
The Sage Patanjali compiled a text called the Yoga Sutras, through which we were given a blueprint for practicing yoga. In Section 2.29 of the text, Patanjali lists for us the 8 limbs of yoga: Yama: codes of restraint, abstinences (described in sec. 2.30, 2.31) Niyama: observances, self-training (2.32) Asana: meditation posture and now the plethora of postures used in modern yoga (2.46-2.48) Pranayama: expansion of breath and prana (2.49-2.53) Pratyahara: withdrawal of the senses (2.54-2.55) Dharana: concentration (3.1) Dhyana: ...

Yoga for Life with Gary Kraftsow

December 16, 2016
Beth St. Romain
When I read the title of Yoga Yoga’s upcoming workshop with Gary Kraftsow, Yoga for Life, it took me back to 2008 and memories of my training with Gary and the American Viniyoga Institute (AVI). The training changed my life. I left Austin for California in hopes of learning as much as I could about asana and the way it can transform your physical structure; I came home with an understanding of how Yoga can transform your entire life, from the way you move and breathe to the way you process hardships to the way you experience joy. Yoga ...

iRest Yoga Nidra: Ringing in the New Year with Ease

December 05, 2016
Sheila Singh
I find that the new year can be a time where we rush to set goals and intentions. In the rush, we may only be affirming the already established patterns of what we think we should be doing or the expectations we have taken on from the world around us. True intentionality arises from unconditioned listening, where we allow time to fall away from set patterns and habits. This enables us to know how we are and the direction we are being called toward in a spontaneous and creative way. The following passage by Jean Klein, a non-dual ...

Jump Back & Jump Through: The Art of Floating & Flying

December 05, 2016
Gil Perez
What I found interesting in the Rocket Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga system was the jump back and jump through technique, mainly used in the seated sequence. Not only do you have to do the seated posture, but to change from posture to posture you have to jump back and jump through, plus, to change side to side of the posture you have to use the technique in between. It’s a whole body of work just to realize that, but I think every posture is hard on its own, so why not add a fun way to transition from one to another? As I mentioned earlier, ...

Yoga Therapy at Yoga Yoga: A 15-Year Journey to Accreditation

December 02, 2016
Lori Johnson
Of all the programs I have created over the years as the Director of Teacher Training at Yoga Yoga, none has excited and challenged me more, or has been more rewarding, than the creation of our 800-hour Yoga Therapy program. Yoga therapy has been on Yoga Yoga’s radar since its early days as a company. In fact, when Westgate, our third studio location, opened about 15 years ago, it was the intention of the founders, Mehtab and Guru Karam, to dedicate the South location to the practice and delivery of yoga therapy. That particular plan didn’t ...