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Blog Archives: November 2016

Unfolding on the Mat

November 14, 2016
Jess Goulding
In the big “pink” room of Westgate, I have evolved from a young 200-Hour teacher with a couple classes per week, to an “Experienced” 500-Hour teacher, and now Level 1 Yoga Therapist teaching six classes per week and serving many students one-on-one. Over my first years of teaching, I had two babies and created a class where I could both teach and be a mother at the same time, hence Postnatal Yoga. As my babies grew, we needed Crawlers and Toddlers, so that evolved. For many years I worked diligently in my lineage of Anusara to achieve their ...

Yoga in Bold

November 08, 2016
Susan Somers-Willett
In almost every Vinyasa or Ashtanga class I take, I hear it: “Bring your elbow to your knee, twist, and hold for five breaths.” When I hear this instruction for Parivrtta Parsvakonasana (revolved side angle pose), I dig deep. I want to do the twist and enjoy all of the detoxifying, lengthening properties this instruction promises. The problem is that, as someone who is both genetically predisposed to a large belly and as a mom who carries extra weight in the chest, arms, and thighs, this pose will never look like it’s shown on the cover of ...

40 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Training

November 08, 2016
Joe Hauger
A couple of years ago, I began one of my Vinyasa classes by announcing, “Everyone grab two blocks!”. A student approached me, replying, “This is a Vinyasa Class, right?” I just smiled and told her not to worry. As with most things, there is some misconception out there as to what a Vinyasa class should be like, who should practice it and what can be used in it. The answer to those questions is simply: It should meet each individual student’s practice where it currently is. Anyone and everyone that wants to can participate. Whatever ...

Conviction Yoga: Bringing Yoga Out of the Studio

November 07, 2016
Jim Freeman
After falling in love with yoga, I enrolled in Dharma Yoga’s teacher training to deepen my practice. I had so many friends and acquaintances that needed access to yoga who found a regular yoga practice to be cost prohibitive, so I decided to teach yoga for free. After surveying different groups that had little to no access to yoga, I noticed that many people want to help troubled youths, first time felons, the homeless, veterans, etc. but NO ONE wants to help those already incarcerated, those that may never be free because of the crimes they ...