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Blog Archives: October 2018

Shakti Power New Moon Gong Concert

October 30, 2018
The November new moon begins the lunar cycle of the Full Beaver Moon. Our Native Americans were not thinking of perhaps what you are thinking! Long ago this was the time to trap the beaver before the swamps froze to keep warm through the winter. Out here in Austin, Texas, we probably won’t be setting any traps to catch beavers, but we will be enjoying the cool nights and shorter days as we welcome in our beautiful fall season. The New Moon phase of 0% illumination begins November 7, at 10:02 AM. This is a great time to start new projects ...

Mindful Eating and Kundalini

October 29, 2018
Another day of “Austin’s water boil watch” brings the idea of conscious eating and consumption. So many times we unconsciously care for ourselves. We forget if we washed our hair in the shower, so we do it again. We can lose track of the time and put off eating till we are “starving”. Then we shove an emergency nutrition bar in our mouths from the glove box, while we wait in rush hour traffic. I am no stranger to giving or hearing the excuses. What if we decided to make a change? Let’s pay attention to what we put in and on our bodies. Let’s ...

The Doug Effect, How Doug Keller Catalyzed my Studies

October 18, 2018
Emily Smith
In my early days in yoga, navigating the sea of asana, philosophy and lineages was at best confusing.  At that time in east Texas, there wasn’t a yoga community. There weren’t yoga teachers. I had to seek out yoga and this was at least a two hour drive, and more often a longer more costly flight across the country.  Looking back, I am actually thankful yoga was not as accessible as it is now. I doubt if I could stream yoga, I would have committed as fully. I doubt I would have sought out my teachers with such determination. I am not sure ...

Finding Your Balance

October 11, 2018
Rhonda Green
Have you noticed you are not as steady on your feet as you used to be? Is balance becoming more challenging? Are you worried you might fall? You are not alone. Balance is a common concern for many of us. The physiological roots of balance are complex. It involves the integra­tion of various sensory and motor systems in the brain and body, including: vision (to perceive direction and motion) vestibular system in the inner ear (which monitors motion and provides orientation clues, such as which way is up) proprioception (the ability to ...

Beyond Asana

October 09, 2018
Jo Eckler, Psy.D., RYT
Yoga offers us so many gifts for body and mind. Sometimes we can get caught up in the visible physical changes, whether it’s deepening that forward bend or seeing our muscles grow. Other changes are also just as important, but more difficult to see. Psychological flexibility is a term coined by Steven Hayes, Ph.D., that describes the ability to experience all the internal thoughts, emotions, and sensations that we as humans go through and still be able to make choices about our behavior in order to live more in alignment with what’s ...

What to do When Your Mala Breaks

October 04, 2018
“My mala broke, what do I do?” Usually, it’s a tough moment because we become attached to our malas, having chanted and warn them for some time.  But, according to the yogis, once your mala breaks, you no longer need that one. Meaning, the relationship/karma associated with the mala is complete. So, it is a time to celebrate the end of that connection. I say Congrats! Of course, as the owner of Atma’s Offerings, I am always happy to replace a mala that breaks within a 30-day period. But, back to the yogic philosophy…. I suggest taking ...

Healing Vibrations

October 03, 2018
Jessica Stephens
I studied music for a big part of my life. Earlier this year I became certified as a Sound Therapist, and I was reminded how much music and sound contribute to my well-being. I admit that even I have been skeptical in the past of “energy workers,” or people who claim to work with the energy in your body to fix your stuff. What kind of woo-woo is that? And honestly, I haven’t been a huge fan of fixing things lately. From the guidance of my wise yoga teachers, I’ve worked more on learning and healing from all those things I might have ...

Mindful Walking in These Modern Times

October 02, 2018
We all take daily steps and actions in our lives; many of us do not realize where our consistent steps are actually leading us. With the fast-pace of the modern world, going within and slowing down often seems counterintuitive, counterproductive, and “down-right wrong”, and yet for most of us, it is the very thing needed. In this age of digital devices, our nervous systems are flooded with constant streams of information from texts, emails, calls, social media feeds, online communication and notifications of various sorts. In addition, ...