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Blog Archives: October 2017

Sister Sutras

October 25, 2017
Long before I read Pantanjali’s “Yoga Sutras”, the word sutra beckoned to me as a melodious, dignified, comforting sound. As the daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of accomplished seamstresses, I heard in it the English verb suture, to stitch, and the steady hum of my mother’s Singer sewing machine. Too busy to spend much time at her machine now, my mother still sometimes sews matching dresses for her granddaughters — much as she once sewed her daughters’ school clothes and Halloween costumes, much as her own mother sewed her ...

Advanced Asanas for the Mind

October 16, 2017
Joe Hauger
We are now living in an overstimulated, vastly changing world with the rate of change accelerating at a much higher pace than ever before. The mind needs its yogic filters in place to adapt, to be calm and contained. The mind, without being regulated via yogic technique, will only rise to the limitations of the Earth plane. If regulated, the mind will go to the heavens. It is all a matter of perspective. “Asanas for the Mind” are Meditative Postures used to train the mind. The mind is comprised of the negative, positive, and neutral minds....

Balance and Awaken your 4th Chakra Through Yoga and Art

October 14, 2017
Leticia Alvarez
Chakras – What are they?  You might be familiar with the word or you may be thinking what the heck are my chakras? Where are they located?  What do they do? The simple answer is, chakras are organizing centers for receiving, assimilating and transmitting life’s energies.  When our chakras are aligned and buzzing in harmony with our own energy, life can seem a little bit more balanced – less chaotic. In the upcoming Yoga and Art workshop, you will get an overview of each chakra and then, focus will turn to the 4th chakra – Anahata ...