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Blog Archives: October 2015

Why Use a Mala?

October 26, 2015
“Malas are important tools of both worship and healing. When we use a mala with our mantra recitation, the power of the mantra enters into the beads of the mala, which become energized at a subtle level. The more often we use them, the greater their power becomes. The mala gathers and magnifies the power of the mantra forming a sphere of energy and protection around us.” ~ David Frawley     Malas have become a popular tool in the yoga world these days. The reason is not just because they are beautiful to wear, but because they really ...

An Unassuming, Profound Man: David Swenson

October 14, 2015
Libby Cox
You wouldn't know it if you met him randomly on the street or at the grocery store, or even if he walked into your yoga center to take a drop-in class, but David Swenson is kind of a big deal. Ever personable, funny and understated, David is a teacher's teacher. I have an old story I like to tell about him, to illustrate his kind heart and sweet demeanor, which underlie the visible accomplishments of a lifetime of practice. When I first started working at Yoga Yoga North, David came in to take a led Ashtanga primary series class. I ...

Be In Your Own Field - My Experience at A Women’s Retreat with Jenn Wooten & Angie Knight

October 14, 2015
Fanny Priest
Whenever, in the course of a visualization exercise or in a yoga nidra practice, I am asked to imagine a safe space that feels like home, I always picture an open field, calm and peaceful, surrounded by trees. And, this time last year,  when I arrived at the Margaret Austin Center for my first weekend women’s retreat with Jenn Wooten and Angie Knight, I saw before me and recognized the field of my lucid dreams. And it was every bit as beautiful as I’d imagined. I’d waited for years to attend this retreat:  difficult years of childbearing ...

Move Into the Fall Season with Grace and Balance

October 07, 2015
Clarissa Smith
The seasons have officially changed from Summer to Fall, a predominantly Vata time of year. The Fall season and Vata dosha share the qualities of dry, light, cold, rough, mobile or windy, subtle, and clear. Because the qualities that are arising externally are also arising within, keeping the system in balance through these changes is important. If we do not adjust accordingly, the Vata energy within can accumulate, enter the circulatory system, and result in imbalances. Some of those imbalances can manifest as dry lips and skin, excessive ...