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Blog Archives: January 2017

Share the love at Yoga Yoga!

January 31, 2017
Jessica Baer
Did you know that you hold a key that could uplift and potentially reboot another person’s life?  February is “Share Yoga Month” at Yoga Yoga.  As a member of one of longest-running studios in Austin, you can bring anyone to Yoga Yoga during the month of February to experience what you already know to be true: Yoga truly is for everyone! To me, the wonderful thing about Yoga Yoga is its diversity of classes taught by a legion of skilled and compassionate teachers.  The four studios are like jewels in the rough, precious and uncommon. When ...

Meet Your Master

January 29, 2017
Does your momma tell you what to do? Your boss? Your government? Who do you allow to be in charge of your life, and who is your master? For many people, it is their mind that tells them what to do. Their mind is the boss, the mind is the master. And that’s a mistake. Yogis have said that the mind is a powerful servant but a horrible master. Like all bosses, the mind as its own agenda, and that agenda is usually hidden from us. We respond to life automatically. We live reactively according to the habits of the mind (many of which were ...

An 8 Limb Practice in 75 Minutes or Less: Part Six

January 27, 2017
Jim Freeman
This is a continuation of last week's post, where Jim Freeman explored samyama and the koshas. Determining What We Are Not Determining what we are NOT begins with a simple statement: “If I can be aware of it, then it’s not who I am”. This realization is incredibly simple, and incredibly profound. Here begins the emergence of the “witnessing presence”; that state of consciousness that can witness all of our aspects and qualities. Moving through the koshas brings this to light: The Annamaya kosha is the physical body. On the ...

Yoga For Life With Gary Kraftsow

January 25, 2017
If we asked 100 different Yoga Yoga students their reasons for practicing Yoga, we would probably get 100 different answers.  Many people come to the practice for some physical reason, like back pain, but even then, there are multiple causes of pain, and every spine is a little different.  Some folks practice for stress relief, and we all know how that is; stress can come at us in so many ways, and we all handle it differently.  Others come to Yoga seeking relief from depression or anxiety, and still others come seeking a spiritual pr ...

An 8 Limb Practice in 75 Minutes or Less: Part Five

January 20, 2017
Jim Freeman
Now let’s consider dharana, dhyana and samadhi. Collectively, they are called samyama. (Part 3 of the Yoga Sutras, sections 3.1 - 3.6) The concept of samyama resonates with me because, when I am practicing the last 3 limbs, it often feels like I’m constantly moving between concentration, meditation and absorption. A great way to illustrate this process is a mantra practice. Say, you are learning a new mantra, for example, Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha. First, you have to know how to pronounce the mantra and memorize the order, the cadence ...

The Science Behind the Sacral Tilt Forward Bend, by John Mackey

January 17, 2017
Last year in the Blog Blog (the Bending Habit You Want to Cultivate) we outlined the proper method for safe bending. Many times we are exposed to new information and wonder whether it applies to us. An explanatory basis can give us the confidence that what we are doing is safe, effective, and healing. for us. In this Blog Blog we explore just that scientific and anatomical basis for the sacral tilt. a) Why forward fold this way? strong back core, safety in bending b) Rules for the forward fold: Be aware of your strength ...

An 8 Limb Practice in 75 Minutes or Less: Part Four

January 13, 2017
Jim Freeman
Prepare for this meditation by reading last week's post, Crash Course in Pratyahara. Now we are ready to practice pratyahara. Begin immediately after you complete pranayama. Return to your meditation posture. Take a deep breath and hold; as you exhale, try to keep your torso in the same inhaling shape, heart rolled forward, shoulder blades down and back, chin tucked slightly. Take several long slow breaths until your mind begins to still. Remember to come back to this posture throughout your practice. Part 1 Go through the entire ...

An 8 Limb Practice in 75 Minutes or Less: Part Three

January 06, 2017
Jim Freeman
Pratyahara, the 5th limb, is often defined as “withdrawal of the senses”. But what does that really mean? What exactly do the “senses” consist of, and how does one “withdraw” from them? Before this can be addressed, we need to come to an understanding of what could be considered the “sensory body”. Anatomy of the Sensory Body As you know, there are 5 cognitive senses - sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch - jnanendriyas in sanskrit, literally meaning the “knowing senses”. In yoga philosophy, the citta, which the yoga sutras define as ...