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Advancing Your Practice

By Karlie Lemos

Have you ever been curious about more challenging poses but weren’t sure how to approach them? Do you feel like you have a pretty solid yoga practice but managed to skip deeper understandings of foundational poses? Are you a yoga teacher who wants these types of tools and more (like meditation and mantra) for your students? These are only a few reasons why the Advancing Your Practice series, starting April 6th at Yoga Yoga North, is a great offering for you.

2019 marks the fifth year and sixth offering of this series. One of the many things that makes it unique is that each A.Y.P. series is different from the the next, which gives yoga practitioners the opportunity to participate in the series again and again, and continually reflect and grow. One reason why I created this series back in 2015 was that I noticed that there weren’t a lot of opportunities for deeper studies in a community setting that wasn’t a teacher training. I thought to myself: What about the students who want to go deeper without committing to 200 hours of classes or the teachers who want to go deeper in a fun and supportive environment within a manageable time frame? This offering was born out of those reflections.

This class series is designed to help you take your practice to the next level. Though, that’s not to be mistaken as a call for rigid self-improvement but rather a process of unfolding and discovery. Expect a well-rounded practice each week that includes a deeper look at yourself beyond the poses in a playful environment. It’s limited to a small group size to allow for community interaction and personal attention.

I’m always delighted and amazed by the growth that happens in this short amount of time and I’d love to offer you the space in which to witness that growth for yourself. The series runs for 3 consecutive afternoons at Yoga Yoga North (1:30-4:30) and begins April 6.

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