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Therapy Clinic Appointments

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Who offers Yoga Therapy at the Walk-In Clinic?

Sessions at the walk-in clinic will be offered by students in our Yoga Therapy Training program. These are seasoned yoga instructors and health professionals who are undergoing a thorough and rigorous training to learn how to manage an individual’s health concerns holistically. All sessions will be supervised by a qualified Mentor, who will ensure the quality and efficacy of the treatments.

What services are offered at the Walk-In-Therapy Clinic?

The clinic offers 75 minute yoga therapy sessions to individuals who want to improve their health and wellness through the application of the timeless art and science of yoga.

What is the cost for services?

Initial visits with your therapist-in-training are offered at the affordable rate of $45. If desired, and as determined by you and your therapist, additional sessions may be booked to complete a treatment plan.
Additional sessions can be booked outside of regular clinic hours at your convenience. The cost for these appointments ranges from $95-$115, depending on the therapist's experience.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Wear loose clothing that you will be comfortable moving in. Eat lightly and hydrate well in the hours before your appointment. Please bring along information related to the condition you want to address, such as dosage of medications taken, etc. (All personal and medical information will be kept strictly confidential.)

Please make sure you arrive 15 mins early to fill out the documents your therapist will need to get to know you and your health goals. You can also print out the documents using the link below and bring them with you. Still plan on arriving a few minutes early so you can get settled prior to your therapist’s arrival.

What can I expect from a therapy session?

With their mentor present, your therapist will conduct a thorough intake, inquiring into many aspects of your health and lifestyle. Together they will form a treatment plan and the remaining portion of the session will be spent in giving you specific remedies, ranging from yoga asana, mindfulness practices, meditation, breathing practices and guided relaxation, to address your health concerns. You will be given instructions on self-care lifestyle changes to integrate into your daily life and a tailored home yoga practice to address your specific concerns.

Have any more questions?

Please call any of the centers, or email us at, and we can help you determine whether yoga therapy is right for you.