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The Path and the Practice of Meditation

November 03 2017
November 03 2017

What is meditation? Depending on who you ask the answer can be quite varied. There are so many different lineages and many methods of practice. Yet, these manys ways ultimately lead us in the same direction- back to the simplicity of Being in our direct experience. This state of Being provides a sweet contrast to a life that is filled with constant doing.

In my exploration, meditation has offered me a kind way to meet myself, others and life. In the depths of my practice I have felt my own messy humanity and tasted the essence of a nature that is unbroken, whole and spacious. The realization that both are true has been profound and transformative. It has brought forward the warmth of ease and the stability of trust with which I can meet life’s many joys and challenges.

Meditation is not another task to be completed; it is a way of Being in the midst of life happening. It can almost feel like a touch of cool air on a warm and muggy afternoon. Even if brief moments of Being are weaved in throughout the day, space begins to arise. Rather than reacting to life from memory or conditioning, this space offers room for us to respond from a place of wisdom. There is an exquisite opportunity to arrive fresh and open, and to feel a greater degree of harmony with life. Harmony does not mean easy, but rather the feeling of alignment with life and oneself.

On December 3rd, 2017, at Yoga Yoga Westgate, I will be hosting a three hour event where I hope to support you in your exploration of meditation. I will clear a few of the prominent misconceptions, and orient you to some of the major methods and stages of this practice. We will take time to integrate our understanding through discussion and partner sharing. Throughout the afternoon, we will also take time to steep in the ground of experience with shorter meditations. We will close our time together with a longer iRest® yoga nidra meditation. My heartfelt intention is for you to leave with both inspiration and understanding so that you can bring the practice of meditation alive in your life. I hope you will join me.

“Meditation practice is not about trying to throw ourselves away to become something better. It is about befriending who we are already.“

Pema Chodron


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