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How To Get Rid Of Injuries

By Dave Cohedes


I want to challenge you…

Do a quick assessment of your own body. Sit up straight and check in on your feet, knees, hips, low back, midback, shoulders, neck, wrist and elbows.

Do you feel any tightness?  Have you had injuries in one of these areas in the past that flares up from time to time?

How does this tightness or injury affect you?

Are you a better person for having this?

How long do you intend to keep this injury?

I ask you these challenging questions because keeping an injury or tight area in your body might be supporting you from really opening up and expressing your greatest self.

I know for me, I have met many people who’s injuries give them access to connection and empahy from other people.

But hopefully you realize that injuries hold you back from being your most authentic and greatest self.  And hopefully you realize that you can’t serve your family, your community, and your life’s mission while you’re always dealing with chronic or nagging injuries.

So why do 100 million people live with chronic injuries?

Well maybe they just don’t know any better.  Maybe there weren’t better options for them. Or maybe they thought living with injuries were the “norm” and you couldn’t do anything about it.

This would be analogous to everyone in society walking around with blackened and broken teeth.  We know dental hygiene can help us, but what about muscle, joint, and movement hygiene?

It was this problem that led me to create Unbreakable Yoga.

Unbreakable Yoga incorporates practices from sports rehab, hatha flow yoga, specialized breathing techniques, movement patterning work, meditative practices, and even a bit of cardiovascular training.

Its a system that when applied prepares your mind and body to live up to the challenges and obstacles the world may throw at you throughout the day.  It is specifically designed for the active individual in mind, but works for anyone looking to be stronger, more stable, and prepared for the day.

So what is Unbreakable Yoga, and how do you incorporate it?

To incorporate Unbreakable Yoga into your practice simply follow this system:

  • 3 min – “Box” Breath work + Intention practice
  • 7 min – Muscle and Tissue Work with a Yoga/Lacrosse Ball
  • 15 min – Hatha Flow Practice
  • 10 min – Movement Patterning Techniques (Primal Walks and Movements)
  • 5 min – Challenge (Maximal output such as Jump Squats or Lunges)
  • 5 min – Breath work (recollect the nervous system)
  • 15 min – Meditation Practice (10 minutes of Mindfulness Meditation with 5 minutes of “Think-atation”)

Following this 60-minute practice your mind and body will be primed to handle all the stressors of life.  This is you doing the work necessary to put yourself in order before entering into a chaotic world.

In short:  Unbreakable Yoga helps you get out of pain and stay out of pain so you can conquer life.

Stay Unbreakable (and Namaste) –

Dr. Dave Cohodes, D.C.