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Healing Vibrations

By Jessica Stephens


I studied music for a big part of my life. Earlier this year I became certified as a Sound Therapist, and I was reminded how much music and sound contribute to my well-being. I admit that even I have been skeptical in the past of “energy workers,” or people who claim to work with the energy in your body to fix your stuff. What kind of woo-woo is that? And honestly, I haven’t been a huge fan of fixing things lately. From the guidance of my wise yoga teachers, I’ve worked more on learning and healing from all those things I might have previously tried to fix or ignore even. But I’ve found some magic recently in the form of Sound Therapy and Reiki, which is a form of energy work.

It isn’t just woo-woo or magic, though. There is science behind energy work. To quote Carl Sagan, “We are made of starstuff.” It’s basic physics. We move around through our lives, vibrating bodies of energy, our thoughts and motions sending waves rippling out into the world around us. We are, after all, made of atoms and molecules, which constantly vibrate. The frequency of our vibrations correlates to a pitch, so you could even say we’re all made of sound, or more poetically, our co-existence as vibrating human-beings in the universe is musical. Sometimes, our energy is low, or our vibrations are slow. Sometimes, the energy is not quite right – our frequency might be in dissonance with the frequency of others around us. Sometimes, we vibrate in harmony. This is usually when we feel our best.

When our energy is out of balance or our vibrations are off pitch, we may suffer ailments of illness, physical pain, or emotional distress. These vibrations ripple out around us and can affect the vibrations of other people, and on and on it goes. While there may be pain in the rest of the world, the healing really begins within each of us. Small energetic shifts can make big ripples out in to the world.