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Career Exploration for Yogis by CAREER ZEN

November 02 2017
November 02 2017

“So what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Back in grade school it would have been so helpful to learn how to answer this question. There are actually 500,000+ career options out there! So much more than the “doctor, teacher, lawyer, engineer” that we typically rattle off.

If you’ve ‘fallen into’ your current career path and are wondering what else is out there, or have been wanting to make a change but not sure to what, or will be retiring soon and looking for something more fulfilling, this workshop is for you!

The first step is to take an objective to look at who you are. What makes you curious? What are you interested in? What gets you up in the morning? What’s most important to you? Your motivations and interests far outweigh your skillset because honestly, you can learn pretty much anything and can acquire the skills needed to do most jobs. The question is, do you WANT to learn these skills?

Holland Hexagon The next step is to understand the World of Work. With half a million career options, how do you even begin to explore the possibilities? The Holland Hexagon categorizes all interests into 6 distinct career themes and can help you narrow down your options. This is how we begin to explore “What” you want to do. Then we look at the 16 career clusters or industries to see where you want to be. What type of people do you gravitate towards? What type of work culture speaks most to you? This is how we answer the question ‘Where’ you want to work.

The formula I teach is: What + Where = Career Fulfillment

If you’re at a place you love, but your tasks don’t align with who you naturally are, then work is not particularly enjoyable or satisfying. You’re not maximizing on your talents and curiosities. If you like your job, but don’t fit in with the work environment or people, it can lead to a lot of frustration, judgment, and criticism. Ideally you’re being paid to do what comes naturally to you, surrounded by people who celebrate your talents and are working towards a meaningful goal.

Career Facts:

  • The average American has 12-15 different careers in their lifetime.
  • Very few careers require a certain degree. Changing careers usually does not require going back to school.
  • It’s not about ‘climbing a career ladder’ anymore. It’s about ‘playing on a jungle gym’!
  • You CAN have both passion and practical in your career.
  • You CAN have creativity, flexibility, and travel in your work.
  • Wealth is a paycheck, but also emotional and physical health, intellectual stimulation and growth, social support within a community, and balance.


On December 2nd I will be teaching a workshop at Yoga Yoga Northwest, based on small-group discussions, activities and handouts, and advice for yogis.

Did you know that your core motivations are related to your dosha? Have you noticed your ego getting in the way of pursuing what you truly love? Sign-up here to get concrete career guidance from a Western-trained psychologist who blends in the Eastern philosophies of yoga!


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