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Astrology and Yoga: How to Be Brilliant with Jyotish

July 14 2017
July 14 2017

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you let your own inner light shine through? Have you hidden that light for so long that it now seems to be dimming?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to manifest your own unique brilliance, but the science of Jyotish may hold the key!

Jyotish is a sophisticated system of astrology that can help you understand the cosmic influences in your life and use them to your advantage.  Known as the “Science of Light,” Jyotish can help you unveil your own inner light, and it can give you the tools and information you need to shine.


If you are seeking guidance to overcome challenges and discover your personal path to enlightenment, Yoga Yoga invites you to join us for a weekend of Astrology and Yoga with Mehtab Benton.  Mehtab, author of Astrology Yoga, has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since the 1970’s and training teachers in the Kundalini tradition since the 1990’s. As one of the original founders of Yoga Yoga, he is a living example of how radiant you can be if you discover and trust our own inner wisdom.

In this August event, “Astrology and Yoga Weekend with Mehtab”, you will study the basics of Jyotish and learn how to apply it to your yoga practice and your life. This workshop will cover topics such as Eastern and Western Astrology, yogic cycles, moon and planet influences, the chakras, and exploring your individual birth charts. You will learn how to apply the basics of Jyotish to understand your unique purpose and how to direct your own light.

Whether you have done extensive research on Jyotish, or you are new to astrology, this event is open to you. Over the course of this weekend you will begin to understand the cosmos’ influence over your life, and gain a better understanding of how to optimize your full potential. Exploring your individual birth chart will give you insight into what you need to work on, and guide you towards making decisions that align with your unique purpose. You will also learn which yogic techniques and methods are most beneficial to you according to your karma and destiny. The effects of this type of work are profound, and through the practice of Kundalini Yoga combined with the wisdom of Jyotish you can begin to influence your own destiny and create a conscious connection with your inner self.

If you are ready to take this step on the path to self-discovery, come join us and begin to let your light shine!


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