Yoga Yoga Facials

All Yoga Yoga facials include:
• Marma point facial rejuvenation to balance body, mind and spirit
• Hand massage to relieve tense muscles
• Neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension and create a more relaxed and youthful appearance

Waxing and tint services are also available.

Ayurvedic Facial
Restore your skin's vitality with a Yoga Yoga signature treatment. After a brief consultation, your elemental skin constitution will be determined and we will customize a facial that reflects your skin's current needs. Float into bliss, as your skin will be cleansed, purified, toned and hydrated according to your dosha (personal constitution) using bio-energetic herbal blends. This is truly a unique experience that uses traditional Ayurvedic methods to bring out the natural beauty of your skin.

60 minutes: $85
90 minutes: $125

Custom Deep Cleansing Facial
This is a deep cleansing European-style facial that nourishes and detoxifies the skin while addressing and treating special skin types such as sensitive skin and rosacea. Clear clogged pores, draw out excess oil and stimulate cellular renewal. This treatment includes deep pore cleansing and a customized mask which balances the skin using organic enzyme-based ingredients. Leave with a refreshed and radiant glow!

60 minutes: $85

Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel
In this Epicuren pumpkin peel facial you will receive all of the benefits of enzyme exfoliants and antioxidants that are similar to alpha hydroxyl acids, refining and brightening the skin.  Pumpkin is known to be the highest source of vitamin A, along with containing over 100 other beneficial vitamins and phyto-nutrients which are known age-fighting ingredients. Your skin will look and feel noticeably smoother and younger looking, addressing fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation as well as acne.

60 minutes: $85

Facial Refresher 
Just have time for a quick pick me up spa drop-in? Enjoy all of the benefits of a Deep Cleansing Facial, including the microdermabrasion cream exfoliation and customized mask. Excludes hand massage and deep pore cleansing (extractions). Perfect for those on the go.

30 minutes: $50

Rejuvenation Facial
Deeply moisturize your skin with our anti-aging facial that corrects dehydration and brings your skin to a luminous, more youthful glow. Using a special blend of therapeutic minerals and anti-aging botanicals this facial will combat dryness and the visible signs of aging and detoxify the skin from harsh environmental elements. Live active enzymes are applied to stimulate cellular renewal resulting in a clean and vibrant complexion.

60 minutes: $85

Glycolic Vitality Peel
Remove buildup of dull, dry skin to reveal a brighter and lighter you. Yoga Yoga's glycolic peel is preferred by many because it is a natural, fruit-based alternative to heavier and harsher chemical peels. In conjunction with our thorough exfoliation procedure, this facial is a great choice to renew the skin and neutralize lines, hyper pigmentation and scars. Finish with a mineral-rich mask to seal in moisture.

60 minutes: $85

Microdermabrasion Skin Renewal Facial
For excellent results with virtually no side effects, this safe & effective resurfacing treatment and facial will leave your skin renewed with a youthful appearance. Microdermabrasion is a proven, non surgical technique for reducing fine lines, acne scars, sun damage & hyper-pigmentation as well as diminishing large pores and stimulating collagen production. A customized facial is included, with a hydrating and nourishing mask. You will notice results after one session & will experience dramatic improvement with a series of consecutive treatments. Designed for all skin types.

60 minutes: $125
Series of 4: $450
Series of 6: $625


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