Family Yoga

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga uses postures and breathing to promote flexibility and strength through a practice designed especially for the pregnant woman"s needs. Classes also cultivate a supportive and caring community amongst expectant mothers. No experience needed.

Postnatal Classes and Crawlers and Toddlers
Postnatal Classes and Crawlers and Toddlers classes are yoga classes that allow mothers to practice yoga in a supportive, community environment. Expect to gradually build strength back up in your body as you progress. Babies and toddlers are often incorporated into the practice through interactive exercises and also stories and songs.

Parent and Child
Parent and Child classes are taught for the children. Parents are required to be in the room with the child, but the shift occurs in that the classes are no longer for the parent.

Children's Yoga
Children's Yoga are classes for children of a specific age group. Here yoga is presented in a fun, dynamic way. Children learn strength, balance, and focus in a fun and supportive environment. We offer classes for children ages 2-4 and ages 5-8. Adults who accompany children in the 2-4 class participate in the class. For children 5-8, the adults are required to be on site, but do not typically attend the class.

Yoga Yoga's policy is that no children can be left unsupervised in our centers. Children 12 and under must go to designated children's classes according to their age and programming currently offered by Yoga Yoga. Parents may attend class with their children if they request, for no extra charge.

Children's Classes Only:
Ages 0-1 (up to 2): Postnatal classes up to Crawlers and Toddlers (parents in the room).
Ages 2-4 (up to 5): Parent and Child classes (parents in the room).
Ages 5-8 (max): Children's Yoga 5-8 years old. (Parents on site: In the classroom if parents request it, lobby or in another class is fine).
Ages 9-12: Children in this age group can come to adult classes but must be accompanied by parent/guardian. Parent/guardian must also sign waiver. Adult pricing applies for 9-12 year old age range.

Adult Classes:
Ages 13 and older: All teens may practice yoga without a parent or guardian in the room or on site but we must have signed permission from a parent or legal guardian. These students will need to pay adult prices.

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