September Forecast

The practice of Yoga and Astrology (Jyotish) has been linked together for hundreds of years. In this column we will look at the month ahead astrologically and see what we can learn about our yoga practices, life choices, and how to align and connect ourselves to the cosmic cycles.

This monthly column uses the science of Vedic Astrology (which differs from Western astrology in reckoning the sign position of the planets) as it gives the best results for people on a yogic or spiritual journey. The highlights below reflect the Vedic Astrology sign positions for this month.

Planetary Highlights

September 12, 4:27 am FULL MOON
September 27, 6:09 am NEW MOON

Enters Cancer September 9

This month:

The Virgo Sun Person
If you were born between September 15 and October 15, you are a Virgo Sun according to Vedic Astrology. People with the Sun in Virgo are kind, unimposing people with intellect and a substantial education. They are excellent communicators and may be very artistic. They have discretion and are creative in their approach to things. Attractive people, with an innocence about them, these persons are open, honest and care sincerely for others. Although others like to be around them for their sincerity, occasionally they can be forceful in their opinions. Physically they are not very strong or powerful. In general they are full of talents, but they can be a little weak in mental perseverance. They can be very successful in their career or in business for they take care of even the little things others may not recognize as being important.

The Virgo Yogi
The Virgo Sun Yogi is a perfect yoga student. They are often disciplined, detailed, discerning, organized and concerned with health. They enjoy a structured and organized yoga practice with attention to specifics, routine and health-producing benefits. They like to follow instructions and want to get it "right." Do watch for perfectionist tendencies: getting lost in the details of a posture instead of seeing the bigger picture and a sometime strong desire for purity in practice.

Mercury Behaves Better
Glory, glory! Mercury has now gone direct after being in retrograde for most of August. You may have noticed that communication has become a little easier, and now it's the month to make those electronic purchases, sign business contracts, buy a house, get married, call all your friends and start your writing project. Mercury is back on track, moving forward—and that's perhaps one of the best birthday gifts this month for those born between mid-September and mid-October as the Virgo Sun folks (and Gemini as well!) are so influenced by their Mercury-ruled Sun being retrograde!

Virgo to the Max!
The Virgo Sun folks are not alone this month. It seems like everyone is going virgin with four major planets in the sign of Virgo (and five, if you count the Moon around the end of the month). Mercury, the Sun, Venus and Saturn all find themselves in the sign that represents healing and service.

It is a great time to pay attention to our heath. Self-improvement programs can get off the ground and last throughout the year. A daily yoga practice, for example, could be a real winner here!

This month of Virgo can help us realize that our strength comes from our service and our achievements are recognized through our humility.

Mars and the Stars
On September 9th, He-Man Mars becomes a momma's boy as he crawls into Cancer. This is the debilitation sign for Mars and it may prove difficult to push forward with some projects, particularly in the areas of construction, strategy, physical endeavors and martial arts. Mars is a little weak now so let's help out by committing to a strong yoga practice. Mars is the planet that helps us get up and do our Sadhana, our daily spiritual practice, so now it's up to you to make the supreme effort to reach the supreme.

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