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Choosing a Professional Yoga Therapy program is a big decision. Programs accredited by IAYT are at least 2 years in length, and a minimum of 800 hours. Yoga Yoga has been training Yoga Teachers at the 200 and 500 hour level since 1997 and offering Yoga Therapy trainings since 2014. This Professional Training was accredited by IAYT in 2016, one of the few Yoga Therapy training programs in the country to gain this designation. . Upon completion of our training program, you will be eligible for certification by IAYT (C-IAYT), the most distinguished designation in the industry.  For more information, contact:

We are proud to partner with local Dallas/Fort Worth Yoga Therapists and Healthcare Professionals to combine our expertise with their knowledge to create a program that is rigorous, yet accessible, conveniently located and works for your busy lifestyle.

Our Yoga Therapy program is open to all 200 hour Yoga Teachers with a minimum of 1 year teaching experience. The next Yoga Therapy training launches in Spring 2018.

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Our events are a great way to learn more about  the expansion of Yoga Therapy in the West as as a complementary and alternative healthcare modality. We believe that yoga is poised to make major breakthroughs in mainstream health care as a powerful, non-invasive and cost-effective complement to Western medicine. Our meetups give you the opportunity to network and learn more about the future of this growing profession. All are welcome, those looking for a Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teachers, as well as Healthcare Providers.

No lie--the training is intense. It is not only a journey of learning to care for others in a holistic way, it is also a journey of learning to care for and understand yourself. It is transformative! The teachers are varied and brilliant in their field. Now that I have been a practicing yoga therapist since graduation last May, I can say without a doubt that the training we received WORKS.  Most recently I was working with a new client who had a condition I had never worked with before.  Not to worry! My training was there when I needed it, and I was able to give the appropriate recommendations that have fostered great healing.  This course is perfect for yoga teachers and any holistically-minded health care practitioners wanting to gain a better understanding of their clients' condition and personal experience.

-Jess G Yoga Therapy Graduate