Individual Yoga Therapy

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Individual Yoga Therapy allows you to work with Certified Yoga Therapists and address your needs on a personal basis. All practices incorporate breath, movement, meditation and lifestyle suggestions.  Yoga therapy empowers individuals to take charge of their own health by incorporating manageable practices into their daily lives. These practices are constructed by integrating time-tested yogic wisdom and tools, current applied research, and the science of behavior change. This therapeutic approach is making major breakthroughs in mainstream healthcare as a powerful, non-invasive, and cost-effective complement to Western medicine.

Our yoga therapist work with you to optimize wellness, manage and reduce symptoms as they manifest and create healing by working with perspective, attitude and relationships.


Individual Yoga Therapy  Sessions are $105-$125, depending on the Therapist.

Discounts are available when you purchase multiple sessions.

  • 15% off packages of 4
  • 25% off packages of 12