5 Ways the Summer Intensive Will Change Your Life

May 26 2017
May 26 2017

Want to become a yoga teacher?  Now is the time!

In just ONE month, over the long, lazy summer, you can change your own life - become a certified yoga teacher, and begin changing others’ lives, as well!

Starting in early July, Yoga Yoga will offer a Hatha 4-Week Teacher Training Intensive. Begin learning in July, and by early August, you’ll be qualified to register with Yoga Alliance, as a yoga teacher at the 200-hour level.

Here are 5 ways that devoting just ONE month this summer to your career as a yoga teacher, will change your life:

#1:  You can start earning yoga teaching income, as early as the Fall!

What other investment of time and energy can pay off, so quickly?  If you’re looking to supplement your income, soon, while working towards a life-long career, an intensive is the perfect opportunity to get you started.

#2:  You can help change others’ lives!

Teaching yoga is one of the most rewarding careers you will ever have. It allows you to care for yourself, while caring for others. The intensive training will give you insights into your own strengths and limitations, make you more aware of what struggles your future students might be experiencing, and give you the tools to help them.

#3:  You’ll Make Lifelong Friends!

All of Yoga Yoga’s teacher training courses offer a safe and nurturing learning environment, in which lifelong friends are cultivated, especially the intensives! In an intensive, you’ll form bonds quickly, and as you develop your teaching skills in the years to come, you’ll lean on each other for support. You’ll grow together, in sanga, or yogic community.

#4:  You’ll get a strong knowledge base in a short amount of time.

Yoga Yoga’s teacher training intensives cover the same material as our longer training programs, but they take a fraction of the time. By the end of the intensive, you’ll have a working understanding of Asana and Sequencing, Western and Yogic Anatomy, Yogic Philosophy and Literature, Language and Classroom Skills, and Ethics and Business Principles. You’ll work hard, but you’ll learn in a warm and supportive atmosphere, and your knowledge base will be solid!

#5:  You’ll Continue Reaping the Rewards of Teaching, for a Lifetime.

If practicing yoga has been beneficial to you, over the years, imagine what benefits you’ll reap, as you become a seasoned teacher! Every class you teach will have its benefits, and you’ll begin to see that teaching is really a learning opportunity for you, too. The base of knowledge you receive in the intensive will become ingrained in you, as you teach, and it will inform your practice, year after year.

Get more information about the Hatha 4-Week Teacher Training Intensive, and you can learn more about this course’s lead teacher, Jenny Orona!

We hope you will dedicate just ONE month this summer, to your future. We know it will change your life, for the better! Come learn with us and transform!

Join us for our next Information Session to learn more.


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